Milfoil help, loons

Hi all,
Here’s a note from Sue and Jenny, I’ll bet a couple folks in a canoe would work just fine too.

Lake Dunmore Fern Lake Association is looking for volunteers in kayaks to net floating milfoil fragments any day of the week. Ideally mid to late afternoon around harvested areas of the day & Monday mornings, but anytime you are available would be great. If you can lend a few hours, please contact Jenny Juneo Mullen,

phone 802-352-9096
email mjenny6
email suemackey

Jenny will set up a schedule and contact you with your assignment. Thank you so much for helping, bring a buddy & let’s have fun! Here is information Jenny needs:

CONTACT INFO w/ Phone # & email address

Me again,
Re the milfoil signs and buoys south of Sucker Brook (or anywhere). The only folks I’ve seen go through there have been residents who aren’t on the internet much, if at all. They just weren’t aware of the meaning. If you have a neighbor who may fit that description, it may be helpful to bring them up to date on what the buoys and signs are about.

Our loon pair is doing just fine as of late morning. One of them flew in from the north as I was passing their cove.
The single at the south end has been seen a couple times since it was hooked and appears to be acting normally so far. I haven’t been able to find it on my trips that way but will keep looking. I didn’t find the one reported in North Cove today either, I don’t know if that is a 4th adult on the lake or one going back and forth.
Jackie B. has an immature loon floating close in to their dock, that’s just north of Branbury. It has been there a couple days but she hasn’t seen it feed. It makes sense that it would stay away from the family, they would not treat it kindly. If we also have an adult at both the north and south end, maybe the corner near Branbury is the only place it can go without trouble. I hope Jackie sees some feeding soon.
Steve C. walked into Silver Lake Thursday and thinks that chick is about a week younger than ours. Several folks who have gone up there have reported that family as very vocal with no apparent reason. Maybe they are just nervous.
Sue Wetmore sent in the wonderful picture below. Sue will be leading a bird walk at Branbury on the 25th at 8:00. I’ll try to remember to sent a reminder when it gets closer. Mike

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4 Responses to Milfoil help, loons

  1. Chip says:

    Email addresses are incomplete. PLease note:

  2. Sheila Conroy says:

    I can be available most days. Please use me when working around my area. 2875 Lake Dunmore Rd., Salisbury. By the way you have my address as listed in Leicester in the LDFL directory. Sheila Conroy

    Sheila Conroy

    • Chip says:

      Hi Sheila – I found the discontinuity in the database. I just can’t explain why. Your membership data indicated Salisbury, but the property data had Leicester.? Sorry for the error. It appears to me that you seem to have been at this address since at least 2010, I’m surprised we didn’t catch this in the last directory (which I just checked and it also indicates Leicester). Anyway – corrected now.
      AND equally as important, I thank you for signing up to do fragnet.

  3. Sheila Conroy says:

    I can be available

    Sheila Conroy

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