loon watch, and bear.

Hi Folks,
Apparently I sent this to myself without adding you all. Sorry about that and thank you Karen R. for waking me up.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Mike Korkuc <korkuc>

Subject: loon watch, and bear.

Date: July 18, 2015 at 7:07:02 PM EDT

To: Mike Korkuc <korkuc>

Hi all,
Loonwatch was a great success this morning. Here on Lake Dunmore, 8 of us in 3 boats saw 4 adults (one of those flying), 1 sub-adult, and the 2 chicks. We did not get rained on, and Steve C. brought bagels and donuts to sustain us during the 2 hours of hard work out there. Who could ask for anything more. I didn’t see anything at Fern Lake or Mud Pond but wasn’t surprised by that. Sue W. found 1 adult with the chick on Silver Lake and though she watched quite a while, the other adult didn’t show. Bummer but not cause for worry. We’ll be looking again.
About 6:15 tonight as we came south on West Shore Rd, a small bear (yearling?) loped across in front of us. Too fast for pictures though. It was about a quarter mile south of Underwood Lane and was crossing to the lake side of the road. Mike

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