Birdwalk, and loons

Hi all,
Don’t forget Sue Wetmore’s bird walk at Branbury on Saturday. 8:00 AM.

Our chicks are growing like weeds.

Although “weeds” is a four letter word around here, the loons seem to be taking advantage of the protection.

Jackie B. reports that the sub-adult near Branbury was being chased by a couple of adults on Monday morning, I haven’t been able to find it during the couple trips I made up there since. I doubt it was our family adults doing the chasing since they rarely leave the chicks alone, and why do it now instead of when it first showed up. It could have been a pair passing through and trying to establish some dominance for a takeover try next year. The adult with the chicks has seemed extra vigilant lately so maybe there has been a confrontation there too. Nothing has been happening at our end except we’ve heard loons tremoloing while flying. It has been all up there towards the island where we can’t see though. I haven’t seen our south end loon in several days.
A single adult has been regularly reported off the girl’s and boy’s camp, I think that is the Waterhouse loon that stays up that way.

There is lots of drama at this time of year as non-breeding adults gather for the migration back to salt water. Bill P. got this picture of 6 adults at Silver Lake today. Chicks are very good at hiding so I won’t get worried until someone gets up there and finds no chick when the group is gone. If you are looking for a reason for a walk to Silver Lake, please let me know what you found. Mike

Silver Lake loons (6), 23 Jul 2015 cropped

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