Picnic – Auction

This year’s auction was a great crowdpleaser. We’re still waiting for some payments and counting the take, but right now, it looks as though we took in around $3650 for the milfoil program. I’d like to thank all the volunteers who made this year’s auction a success:

Lorraine Abramson
Marion and Brian Bauer
Sharon and Dennis Borchardt
Carol Campell
Jan Dilworth
Stephanie Foley
Kathy Mackey
Sue and Peter Mackey
Nancy Malcolm
Duncan Rollason
Dede Snyder
Deb & Brian Pray

and all the other folks who pitched in to arrange items, solicit them, bid on them, and help out at the desk. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. And, of course, we wish to thank all those businesses and folks who contributed goods and services to make the auction such a success. We’ll have a full listing of them in the Fall newsletter and hope you’ll patronize the donors.

Next year, some changes are in store. We’re hoping for bigger and better and an earlier start seeking donations. For one thing, I’m hoping that my telephone and broadband, by the grace of Fairpoint, won’t be out for a month; we’ll start soliciting earlier, we’ll announce a deadline for donations, and I’ll be working out of my new house instead of a camper.

  • Because we were rushing to get items out on the tables, some of the bid sheets were handwritten on white forms. In the rush, we unfortunately don’t seem to have kept a list of many of those items and some of the sheets appear to be missing. If you took one home with you or left before paying, please let us know.
  • We have a few gift certificates that weren’t claimed. Who won the Vt. Sun membership and the Maple Landmark bin of kindling? Please contact me to pay (if you haven’t already) and get the gift certificates.
  • If you donated or bought the lamp made from a fire hose nozzle, please contact me immediately. I have the lamp, we don’t have the bid sheet, and we have an offer for it.
  • Beth Wahlig: you also won the Daisy Turner CD. Please arrange to pick it up.
  • Pat Crippen (sp?): please come pick up the bird feeder and birdseed you won.

I can be reached at 802/352-4236 or karen. Please let me know if you’d like to volunteer to work on next year’s auction

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