Pre weekend update

Hi all,
The lake has been very quiet since sometime last week in spite of the wonderful weather.
We followed the chick and one parent as they fed around the shore from our place to beyond the music camp a few days ago. They have been following the same route from early to mid afternoon for the last several days.

The adult frequently offered fish to the chick but the chick was refusing and opting instead to dive for its own meal.

In this case it came up with a little weed in its mouth.

The catch of the day appeared to be pike this size and smaller and that seemed true for all the ones that the adult brought to the surface. This one had to be juggled for a couple minutes until it was facing the right direction to be swallowed. If you’d like to see the process, send me a note and I’ll send you a couple more pictures..

This evening we stopped in the shade on the east side of the island and after reading a few minutes, I looked up to see we had company about 30’ from the boat. It seemed a little nervous and after looking both ways several times, it dove and we never saw it surface.

It is like mid summer out there and we caught a nice sunset. Mike

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