overdue update

Hi all,
Fall chores have kept me off the water, off the motorcycle, and off the computer. No news is good news though, our loons are fine. The chick with one adult is frequently feeding in front of us so I haven’t needed to go looking. Something was bothering them this morning though. They were around the corner so I couldn’t see but it sounded like either a chase, or maybe an eagle in the area.
I haven’t gotten any reports from Silver Lake but at least one is still at Goshen Dam.

This from Eric”
Here’s a quick update on “near final” numbers: Record year with nest attempts (87) and territorial pairs (112 total – 102 known pairs who have nested recently and another 10 potential pairs – consistent pair activity). 65 nests were successful producing 103 chicks. Looks like we have 69 chicks still with us, but chance this number might go down a bit. I just learned from a lake resident about 2 chicks hatching and then disappearing within few days on Little Averill. It reminds me that we will always miss some nests and chicks especially since we do fewer surveys than we used to. For the first time, there was more consistent loon activity especially in June on Lake Hortonia and Sunset/Sunrise Lake in the Lake Bomoseen region as well on Lake Iroquois in HInesburg.

Have a great start to fall (if the temperatures ever drop). I have to admit it was somewhat nice to be on the water this week replacing 3 old nesting rafts and conducting a few chick checks.

Thanks for all your help over the summer.

Me again
The chick mortality rate is a little high for Vt. but still below the US average.

Pictures are a little scarce but here is a good one from Kathy D. taken about a week ago.

`And this is mine taken looking east during last night’s sunset. I was hoping someone on the east shore would send me a pic but nothing yet.
Enjoy the weather folks, it is wonderful. Mike

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