Wonderful days

Hi folks,
You’ll get 2 e-mails tonight because I have too many pictures of the good life on the lake over the past 3 days.
We’ll start with a visitor on Thursday morning. I don’t know what the birds will do when that dead tree on the island falls down.

Noonish we caught a post preening fluff.


Same time we got this picture of the adult with the chick


If you compare it with the picture we got today of the adult with the chick, I think it’s safe to say both parents are still here and swapping chick sitting duties. We’ve noticed that the chick acts much more independent some days than others. We’ll try to see if it depends on which adult it is with.

Back to Thursday, we saw the chick come up with a fish that was apparently too big for it to swallow.


It swam the 50 or so feet and dropped the stunned fish in front of the adult to pick up and eat. I’ve probably witnessed the adults do that for the chicks hundreds of times but this is the first time I’ve ever seen the chick bring a fish to the adult.


Sunset Thursday, still warm enough out there to be comfortable in shorts after the sun went down. Last night’s sunset was unremarkable but tonight was beautiful again.


Last night 34 neighbors on 5 boats gathered for a little food, drink, and socializing.


The weather was perfect and though the food is always good, last night the pot luck cooks outdid themselves. If you have never come out to one of these, I’d recommend trying it. Anyone can pick a night, usually 2-3 days out when we have an idea what the weather may be and I send out a note to those who have told me they’d like to know. Boat owners tell me if they have extra seats and I do my best to get non-boat owners a ride. The numbers will dwindle as the season progresses but we may get out again a time or 2 this fall. All we need is 2 boats and someone willing to bring food. Let me know if you’d like to be notified when it is going to happen, if not for this year, then next. Any boats are welcome, you don’t need pontoons.


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