Not loons, and one more moon.

Hi again,
Our loons are fine. The whole family was feeding on this end yesterday and the chick did a couple short takeoff runs. The adults should be leaving in 2-3 weeks but the chick should be here for another 6-8, depending on the weather.
The peregrine flew over me at the south end of the ski course. I got a couple shots of it in the air but was too busy shooting to see it was carrying something. After it landed in the dead tree on the island I knew but I was too far away to have any idea what it was. Sue W. and Allon quickly ID’d it as a flicker. Looking back at the flight photos now, I can see it. I’ve got one more great photo in the tree but hesitated to send it out because it’s a little more graphic as to what the peregrine does with the flicker. If you’d like to see it, let me know.

Mike Korkuc


I neglected to put this one in the first mail. It is my closest shot to the full eclipse, you can mentally put it in the proper sequence with the others. Enjoy, Mike

Mike Korkuc

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5 Responses to Not loons, and one more moon.

  1. Annie Stratton says:

    I’d like to see the pic you withheld. Can’t be any worse than some of the webcams showing raptors feeding their young. It’s part of nature, after all. Even children come to accept that the birds are simply making a living as they were intended to. Moon shot is lovely. My cam is a pipsqueek so I could only establish that yes, I did see it, and the sky was clear. It was glorious through the bins.

  2. Ron Payne says:

    Reblogged this on Otter Creek Audubon Society and commented:
    Great pictures from Mike Korkuc of a Peregrine Falcon which has preyed on a Northern Flicker.

  3. Nick Novelli says:

    Great moon shots! the clouds were racing by down here in Brooklyn but the view was still good and high spirits in the crowd on the lawn in Prospect Park. Also, can’t deny nature – would love to see the peregrine shot you filtered out.

  4. Chip says:

    Oh – now I see the head and Flicker feathers.

  5. Chip says:

    And partridge in a … Falcon’s talons!

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