Chick day again

Hi all,
The chick stole the show again today, I wish everyone could have been on board with us. In past years, I’ve felt like the chicks were comfortable around the boat but this one takes it to another level. When we shut down 60’-80’ from the feeding adult and chick today, it took a break to come over and show off a little.


From less than 10’ away it dove under the boat to come up only a couple feet away on the other side to then swim around the nose to do it again. It and the adult were occasionally hooting back and forth.



The chick went on what looked like a shoreline exploration along Hooker Rd. but scampered to deeper water when a car drove by.


Then out from under a dock to give a little fluff before going back to resume feeding. I wish I knew what was going on it its mind.


Here’s the foliage shot, not much yet but getting closer.


This parent is looking like it is ready to head back to the ocean. The adults should be gone within the next couple weeks. Mike


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