Vt. at its best

Hi all,
I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to wander around in the Vt. woods a little the last few days, very peaceful.


Not a great picture but more of a deer than I usually see when I’m out there.


Rosie caught our sunrise this morning.


Why does a turkey cross the road? I had to make a fairly abrupt stop to let the trailing few get safely across. There are 9 in the picture, how many can you find? The 4 next to the road are easy and if you are able to expand the picture a little you’ll see 4 walking up the rise just the other side of the fence. The one you may miss is


this one who got a little nervous and decided to fly. Do you suppose it knows the date?

P1010684 – Version 2

Turkeys do not pose well, they moved right along. And the answer to why is “for some fowl reason.” Mike


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