Still nothing exciting

Hi all,
On the 3rd, we could see a little snow in the distance if we looked hard enough. We’ve had none here yet.



Yesterday started beautifully and


other than a few low clouds ver there it stayed that way.


It was nice enough for Peter and Sue M. to do a little kayaking. The fragging goes on unfortunately. Cathy M. and John E. got out there too. A single loon across form us was seen by some and heard by others. Another couple days will have me looking back to see if this is the latest we’ve had one on the lake.

Today was a repeat of yesterday, a skim if ice in the morning gone soon after sunrise.


Meanwhile we see what Southern Ca. has going on, this is compliments of Louise and Peter K. out there visiting kids. I have to admit it looks good next to our winter drab. Our forecast, by the way, is for continuing October like weather UFN. Not good for skiers but the rest of us are doing okay with it. Mike


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One Response to Still nothing exciting

  1. Chip says:

    So happy to see Fraggers out in Dec. So sorry that it continues so long. Aquatic Control has been suggesting that late season treatment of dense infestation could reap big rewards.

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