Different photos

Hi All,
Nothing to report on the loon front but for the local folks, the snow geese are still passing through Dead Creek in large numbers. We heard some canadas go through here early last night.

Compliments of Dorothy M, we have one for the creature lovers. I have to take her word that it’s a Pseudosphinx tetrio.

That caterpillar was not taken here but in the BVI where Dorothy and crew landed after recently completing the Salty Dawg Rally. You can google that for info. Dorothy and crew are a whole lot braver than I ever thought of being, but I’ve never been a sailor. Their boat is not one of the catamarans but is in the picture somewhere. You can google “Aviva” if you’d like to see how small (relative to the ocean which is my point of reference) their winter home is.

photo 2

Maybe we could do the LDFLA weather with something like this but using a piece of milfoil. It would all be close enough with “Milfoil” instead of “Conch” on the sign except the last one should be changed to Milfoil Gone = Peter M. still out fragging.

photo 4

Here’s a beautiful shot sent in by Pam U. It was taken by Roger F. from Hooker Rd. as they left to go home to DC a while back.


And this taken today by Bill P. who reports no loons or ice on Silver Lake. I can’t help but think about payback for this weather but maybe this is just Mother Nature balancing out what we had last year at this time. I’ll send a picture of that in the next mail. Mike

Silver Lake, 9 Dec 2015

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