The end of the year

Hi all,
It has been an unusual year to be sure with winter yet to rear its ugly head. Today’s picture of Silver Lake, compliments of Bill P. shows just the cove with a little ice.

South Cove is probably the only place on Lake Dunmore with ice but it didn’t stop Karl H. from getting in his last swim of the year. On the 24th at least 5 people in 3 different locations here, and a couple more up at Silver Lake braved the cold water for bragging rights. I think they all should get a prize of some sort. With all the bad craziness in the world these days the fun craziness (in my opinion) is a most welcome change.

Here today we had a very nice, albeit cloudy day. We had about 3 minutes of sunshine early afternoon and fortunately I was paying attention.


The scene was quite different a year ago this morning. I have thoroughly enjoyed the warmth, spending every possible moment outside but I have to admit I’m ready for a stretch of normal.

And we’ll finish with a wonderful splash of color from Ashley W. who’s pictures always seem warm to me no matter how cold the subject may be. I really appreciate all the fantastic pictures people send to share and as long as they keep coming I will keep passing them along. A special big thanks to all the folks who keep in touch from all over the world through all the seasons. I can’t reply to all during the busy season but I read and enjoy every one. During the off season you might get back a longer reply than you bargained for though.

Rosie and I wish all of you a happy new year and hopefully we’ll see you on the lake in the spring. Mike

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  1. Dale Addington says:

    Yeah Carl Houwen!

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