Ice of the day

Hi all,
It’s winter the way it should be here now with cold temperatures, clear skies, and no wind. All we need is a little more thickness to the ice for the skaters and fishermen.
We start the day with Rosie’s sunrise

and then move up lake to show the edge of the ice running from the tip of the island at Waterhouses

to the tip just north of Utowana and on across to the tip just north of Sucker Brook.

Not much progress last night but we have a skim working its way out from Waterhouses now too.

Now we move to the artistic view of Ashley walking on water and managing to find some mussel shells and

what had to be a very slow fish. I have no explanation why one would get stuck under a couple inches of ice. The ice is so clear it’s impossible for me to guess how deep the water is under the ice.

Here’s a slightly angled view of the bubbles so you can make your own guesstimate. She saw an otter (alive) under there also but it was too fast for the camera. I can only wonder how far it had to swim to find a place to come up for air. Thank you as always Ashley. Mike

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One Response to Ice of the day

  1. says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing these incredible photos of Lake Dunmore in Winter. I have never been to the lake when its cold and it must be like a whole new experience.Lake Dunmore truly is a special place. I yearn for may when we are back up there in our new camp, well new to us.

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