Very quiet here

Hi all,
In the last couple days, a very few shanties have appeared and we saw the first snow machine go by. Most of the traffic out there has been neighbors who like to walk.

The first two shots are Rosie’s sunrise this morning.


It led to a beautiful, albeit cold day . Bright sun and no wind made cleaning up the couple inches of snow we got a pleasure.

Not a great picture but a sampling of what goes on in the night around here. The game camera under the feeder hook also caught a raccoon, opossum, rabbit, and one very healthy looking black cat. The cat also visits in the daytime as do a couple of the neighbor’s dogs. Our feeder and suet seem to be occupied at all times the past few days and we are going through twice the seed we normally do.

The treats from Ashley this time are shots of the ice around Sucker Brook. Enjoy, Mike

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One Response to Very quiet here

  1. says:

    I really enjoy these posts and viewing the photos from the lake. Its such a different but still beautiful place in the dead of winter. Many of the photos of the lake are taken near our cottage. Perhaps someday I’ll see it in one of the photos. Its one of the 17 white cottages on West Shore Road. Thanks for the posts and photos of beautiful lake Dunmore. Rick

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