Nothing happening

Hi all,
You haven’t heard much from me because there is nothing to report. The picture below was midday Sunday which was 20 ish degrees with no wind and whether I looked north or

south, there was no one to see. There were a couple of tent shanties on the other side but I saw no one around them. I have only seen one snow machine go by since the lake froze. and can only see 2 unoccupied shanties from our deck today. One ice boat was out for a little while he spend most of the time peddling to try to find some wind. This is by far the quietest season since I moved here in ’98.


The north end of the lake, though frozen over, is not very thick so it’s good we see no activity there. Normally we’d be looking at several shanties near the far shore.

Dunmore 25 Jan 2016 1 edited

This time of year we would expect to see 20-30 in this area though. I’m surprised we don’t see any after the cold weather we’ve had, the ice must be thinner than I’d guess. The derby is scheduled for super bowl weekend, we’ll need some serious cold for that to happen. Thanks for these shots Bill.

Dunmore 25 Jan 2016 4 edited

Below are a couple of Rosie’s sunrise shots from yesterday. Thankfully the sunrises keep happening in spite of questionable ice thickness.


She had to hustle because the color passed quickly. Thank you for getting them Hon.


We’ll finish with Ashley’s curly ferns taken on a hike up the Chandler Ridge trail to


the south end of Silver Lake. I wonder if those are people or critter tracks going across. Thanks Ashley.


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