Dunmore Dip – Announcement #2

“Baby, it’s cold outside and here I am in a kilt.” So, Lord Dunmore added a few layers to his traditional outfit. He is trying to escape the cold by staying inside at Kampersville. Temperatures hit MINUS 14 on Valentines’ Day. And then there was the wind chill. Brrrrr. Visit him to cheer him on…

2009 March 29 3:20 PM
2010 March 18 12:47 PM
2011 April 11 10:03 AM
2012 March 13 10:15 AM
2013 April 1 4:38 PM
2014 April 13 8:10 AM

2015 April 15 1:05 PM

Help support LDFLA’s milfoil control project. Pick up your entry form at Kampersville or various locations in Middlebury, Brandon, Leicester, and Salisbury. Or visit ldfla.com/Other/Dunmore Dip

$1.00 per entry, March 15, 2016,

Or click on entry link to print your own entry form. Mail entries to:
Dunmore Dip
PO Box 14
Salisbury, VT 05769

Send this message to family and friends. The more entries, the bigger the prize. Last year’s pay out was $980.00

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