More strange weather

Hi all,
We started today with ice covered by slush covered by ice again. That bottom layer of ice made driving (and walking) treacherous and plowing just got down to that layer.

We did have some interesting icicles and

ice on the trees. I’m surprised we didn’t have a power failure. I don’t remember hearing of power outages on the news either but could have missed the report.


Karen R. gets the prize for the best picture today with the icicles on the bird feeder. She said the finches still were able to get to the seed.

Even while the temperature was below freezing this morning, we had these holes in in the ice front of camp. I can’t tell in tis first picture if it’s open through or just water on top of a layer but


this hole about 5’ from the one above sure looks like it’s open water and maybe 3”-4” of ice there on the back side. I had no desire to go out there to check.


Mid afternoon, temperatures were in the high 40’s with a fairly strong wind that was rapidly taking the snow away. Light rain left these puddles on the lake. I couldn’t get a picture at dusk because it was raining too hard. At that time the ice was completely covered with water and with temps then in the low 50’s, we were back to an all brown landscape again. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Mike


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