The last couple days

Hi all,
This is having too much fun on Lake Dunmore yesterday. Taking a few pictures as they went back and forth made me want to try it. If you look back at the ice behind the loon sculpture a couple days ago, you’ll see a nice glassy surface. The warm temperatures yesterday started to take that away and

the appearance of softening continues today. I got a report that a snow machine and its driver went through the ice off Indian Trail Tuesday or Wednesday and that was even before this warmup. Ice fishermen pulled the driver and the machine out so tragedy averted. The time to be extra careful has come early this year.

There is only one shanty left visible from camp, down off Mountain View. Walking Hooker Rd. today I caught the flash of headlights from the 4 wheeler and the zoom on the camera brought this one just SE of Sucker Brook into view. I’d be a little nervous out there.

Even worse is this one just NW of the Brook. I think that dark ice just this side of them is the first ice to go because of the current from the brook. They are drilling the holes so they know how think it is, at least at the hole.


The pictures were taken from here so I would never had seen them out there except for the flash of headlights.


We’ll finish on more solid ground here on Lakeview with a couple of remnants of my plowing.

Mother Nature is pretty amazing, her weirdness this year not withstanding. I have to admit I wouldn’t complain about a really good snowstorm now, just to remind us where we live. Mike.

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