Daily update, azalea vs rhododendron?

A yesterday picture of Kathy & John’s poodle who really, really want to be down where the water is.

After a high of 32.7 with rain, we are back down to 31.5 with rain. It’s a great day to be inside looking out.

Here’s an iced over version of Kathy’s flower from this morning. A few folks think it’s a rhododendron so I (being stuck inside today) googled it, read about them and looked at pictures of pre-bloom versions of each. I did learn that all azaleas are Rhododendrons (capital R) but not all rhododendrons (small r) are azaleas so no one has to clear that up for me. From carefully studying the pictures I determined that my level of expertise still ends with “it’s not a loon”. If I had to bet a few cents on it I would go with azalea because it’s Kathy’s flower and that’s what she said it was. We will get pictures when it blooms but for now, what say you flower experts? I obviously have time on my hands so lets hear from you. Mike



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