Ever-changing lake

Hi all,
I’ll let you know the results of the azalea vs rhododendron vote tomorrow. If anyone else would care to give their opinion, look back at the picture and send me a note.

Warm air over cold ice gave us a little show on Thursday morning.

Every time we looked out the window it was a different scene, always interesting to me.


Today. North Bay was quite open a couple days ago but refroze thinly in last night’s cold.


Tomorrow’s warmth should have all that new ice gone and I’ll bet it’ll be open all the way to the first point or a little beyond. Plenty of room for the loons to come and go if they care to show up early.


The sun is showing it’s strength in Kampersville Bay and the ice is fast waning there too. None of this is too surprising considering the weather we’ve been having and their southern exposure.

What is surprising to me is that the ice on our end has started its departure by opening up all the way across the access to Cove Point. It seems an odd place to melt first.


Where the opening reaches the shore, it looks like spring has arrived. The ice boater was out again today and going from our corner over to within a couple hundred feet of that open water. On the shore here at camp we went from no open water to about 3’ out today and John E. says he now has 4” of ice in front of their camp. The ice boaters were taking more of a chance than I would care to. Mike


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