The more things change…

Good morning all,
This was this morning but could have been yesterday morning also since the cold weather has the lake skimmed over again. Here we’ve got a little of the old ice, a little patch of open water, and a lot of new ice. There is another much larger open spot just out of the picture to the right. Temperature is already up to 30 so a little sun and wind will likely make short work of the new ice. The best part of this is that the lake is groaning with the new ice. For those who haven’t had the experience, it sounds much like whales calling to each other. Normally it happens when the ice expands on the coldest of nights in deep winter, so this is a bit unusual. It gives me the same feeling as when I hear the loons call, very cool as we would have said 50 years ago.

Kathy D. sent along this shot of the sluiceway at Silver Lake, taken yesterday as were the two shots of Lake Dunmore below. Thanks Kathy.

With temperatures headed for the 50’s and even 60’s over the next few days, this may be the last shots like this for this year.

Ashley W. sends a reminder of what it was like at this time last year. Very, very cold with 19” of ice covered by 8” of snow out there. I have to admit to liking this year a little better. Mike


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