Hi all,
There was a great article by Eric Hanson about the loon recovery project in today’s Rutland Herald. If anyone would like to read it just drop me a note and I’ll send it along to you. Thanks to Bill P. for sending it to me, it’s got one of my pictures in there.

A snow squall left no doubt as to what was ice and what was water late this morning.

By late afternoon, the ice right in front is so thin that I think a little wind would make it disappear. Even the older ice on the right side is very porous and will be gone soon.

Looking north from the point at the music camp, the ice on the right side looks more like floating slush. Just to give you a little perspective, this strip of open water is the one on the right side of both the pictures above.

Kathy D. spent some time at the mouth of Otter Creek yesterday and got to see a bald eagle


and what appears to be an eagle or osprey nest. I wouldn’t know the difference between the two but both eagles and ospreys reuse nests each year so if it has been used before it should be used again.

And we finish with a little color from Ashley showing us what it looks like in Ca. this afternoon. Thank you Ashley and Kathy. Mike


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