Tuesday evening

Hi all,
We saw the first critter of the year today, a muskrat chewing on some weeds here in front of camp. It tried to climb on the edge of the ice a couple times but the ice kept breaking off.

Considering the warmish temperatures overnight, we had little change in the ice. By mid afternoon however, we had lost all of the ice that reformed during the couple cold night we just had. This shot is down at our dock after my unsuccessful attempt to get close to the muskrat. It looks like time to put the rest of the dock back in to me.

If you compare these next two with yesterday’s shots from the same place, you can easily see the progress.

If we had any wind at all, I think all of that ice would be long gone by now. Any wave action would just break it up.

Dede S. was looking the right direction this evening and sent along the view from her place. Thanks Dede.

And lastly from Ashley we see the colorful San Gregorio Vally, 30 miles south of San Francisco. I’m a lot less envious of this environment than I might have been in previous years, we are headed for near 60 tomorrow. We do need more normal for the maple sugarers though, we can’t have the trees budding out. Enjoy, Mike


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One Response to Tuesday evening

  1. Chip says:

    I’m a bit upset by the muskrat… as I’ve had a beaver shredding my shoreline saplings!

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