Hi all,
High 60’s today, with no sun. Records were broken all over the state.

Kampersville cove and

North Bay are open from one to the other.

I took a walk up to Silver Lake. It’s still frozen as expected but that didn’t stop beavers from getting into spring mode. All those smaller trees are gone, to build a dam I assume, but I guess the bigger one was just a little too heavy. I would have liked to be there to see them trying to pull it in.


Back here at 11:00 this morning, a breeze had finally come up.

About 2:00, that one piece became two.


This is what we saw at 5:45 this evening. Kind of pretty out there isn’t it.

I know there is still ice around the corner to the north but we can’t see it from here. I’ll take a walk in that direction in the morning and see just how far up it has receded.


In spite of the several days of warm weather, a man went on and through the ice on Sherburne Pond today. A warden on patrol saw him but went through the ice trying to get to him. The guy drowned but the warden, who was wearing flotation gear, was able to get back to shore though they said it took him nearly 15 minutes. Thankfully it wasn’t a double tragedy. We’ll never know what that guy was thinking. He was a fisherman but his gear was still in his truck. Mike

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One Response to Today

  1. Sheila Conroy says:

    Believe it or not the loons are back. They are in front of my camp in the open water, singing away.
    Sheila Conroy

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