Dunmore Dip


This winter was crazy or one might say “a bit loony “. So, Lord Dunmore and Lake Dunmore Fern Lake Association are proud to announce that our own “loonatic “, Mike Korkuc, has won the Dunmore Dip Ice Out Contest. Mike’s guess of March 2, 1:13PM was off the official time by 13 minutes. The official date and time of the 2016 Ice Out was March 2, 1:26PM. This is the earliest date since we have begun the contest.
Mike has captured this winter and all seasons on Lake Dunmore in his many pictures that he shares with countless LDFLA and wildlife devotees. He has received the 2015 Julie Nicholson Citizen Scientist Award by the Vermont Center for Ecostudies for his loon conservation work. Durning mating, nesting, and hatching of Dunmore’s resident loons, Mike spends countless hours protecting, nurturing, and photographing our loon family until they leave our lake for winter on the coast. Mike is also responsible the coordination of many people having hours of fun together on “Toon Tuesday’s” on Lake Dunmore in the summer.
LDFLA thanks Mike and all those who have supported our Milfoil Control Project by entering our contest.
Any challenges to these results must be submitted to LDFLA.com within 15 days of this notice.

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