Nothing going on here

Hi all,
Things are REALLY quiet here on the lake. We have yet to see a loon and have had only one report of a maybe just after the last mailing. I’m a little surprised that at least some transients haven’t come in but I have to remember that the ice wasn’t even out at this time last year.
The lake is rising very slowly and though it started over a week ago is still too shallow to think about putting the boat in. It’s really not an issue though since February like weather is supposed to arrive tonight and stay at least the better part of next week. Our last report from Goshen Dam said there is still ice there. I haven’t heard about Silver Lake and have been too busy with spring chores to walk up there myself. I may do that tomorrow if the wind isn’t blowing too hard.

We do have some great pictures for you though. This first one is from Andy S. taken at his home in NJ. He says it’s an azalea/rhodie hybrid, which unfortunately doesn’t help us solve the ID of Kathy’s flower from a couple weeks ago.

This wonderful sunset shot was taken by Kathy’s (young) grand-daughter Britta with her cell phone. I don’t think anyone could do better with the best camera in the world. I think it was taken here on Dunmore.

Continuing with the fantastic pictures we have the next three taken on a pond in Waitsfield by Suzanne G. They all could be beautiful paintings.

Last we have a not so good picture, but it is the first loon picture of the season so it is good enough. It was taken by Bethany M. in Bokeelia Fl. this morning. The loons were too far out to ID with her un-enhanced cell phone pictures so she got one holding the phone up to her binoculars. It did the trick, and the “not so good” was her description and not mine by the way. I think all loon pictures are great. Thank you photographers, Mike

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