The last couple days

Hi all,
After a false start on Tuesday when I got about a hundred yards from the access before it quit, the Loonatic had an uneventful trip from re-launch to the dock yesterday. It felt so good.

On a short shakedown ride today the only loon we saw was Warren R’s artwork in front of their place. What a beauty. Other loons in the area were a pair at Goshen Dam reported by Tom O, a single at Silver Lake seen today by Maryanne and Allon W, and a single here this evening reported by Anna M.

Warren’s loon was peering down on this non-loon, another of his creations.

We’ve get to throw a little color into the mail with this skunk cabbage and

reflections in a vernal pool sent in by Ashley.

And we finish with the moonrise this evening taken by Rosie and

the follow up I got when she told me to look outside. All this at 60 some odd degrees too, what a day. Mike

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  1. Sheila Conroy says:

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