Bird update

Hi all, The weather here has been just cool enough and windy enough here to keep the boat at the dock. I promise I’ll be out there taking pictures as soon as it’s comfortable. I’ll be out there fishing too as some of you know but the game warden reports finding few fishermen anywhere on the local lakes and those he does find are reporting not much catching.
The loons are getting more active here with a pair being regularly reported all over the lake and a single between Songa and Waterhouses has been pretty consistent also. We’ve heard a loon flying in these last several mornings but we’ve seen nothing floating in front of us. Silver Lake has a pair and there is a single at Goshen Dam that is seen often and it has an occasional companion. The raft at Goshen is ready for occupancy if chosen as a nest site and the geese weren’t on the Silver Lake raft a couple days ago so it’s time to get back up there with a pair of boots and clean it up.
Caroline B. saw a mature eagle over North Bay and North Pond this morning.

The pictures below in chronological order are a spotted sandpiper on our raft a few days ago.

We have goslings in North Bay, I don’t know if this is early for them to be hatched or not.

The next couple pictures are a little off lake but show a couple of the reasons I love Vermont. In the center of the shot is a cottonmouth my son came upon while slogging through a swamp in Fl.


Here we have a beady eyed alligator giving him the once over. Amazing what some people do for fun.


Lastly from Bill P, proof that there was a pair on Silver Lake yesterday. Enjoy, Mike

Silver Lake loons, 6 May 2016 1

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