What a day, and hummers

Hi all,
I forgot to tell you in the last mail that the hummingbirds are back. We put our feeder out right away but haven’t seen one since.
Today was one of those we have been waiting for. We had bright blue skies, temperature in the mid 60’s, and no wind. Allon and Maryanne W. and I carted our boots and shovel to Silver Lake where we cleaned the goose leavings from the raft, added a little sod and flora, and put it back in place to be ready for the loons if they want it. We can check that chore off the list.
Back here on Lake Dunmore, Rosie and I got our first good late afternoon ride up one side and down the other. We saw the otter just north of us and it looks like he/she has made a neighbors dock his home. I hope it stays there, last year it got up under our boat and made a mess.

In Brushes Cove, we found a pair plus one. If the one kept its distance all was quiet but when it got too close, they all went on alert. A pair has been reported all over the lake, I’m not sure if it’s the same pair or not.


Kathy and Ashley went up Snake Mountain today, flowers abound. Kathy called it a trillium extravaganza. She said the baby’s toes at the bottom are in her yard but the rest are all on the mountain. Enjoy, Mike




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