Loon update, & bird pics

Hi all,
Here we have a red shouldered hawk displaying how tough NYC birds are. Louise S. sent in these pictures of it in the hallway of her apartment building after it crashed through a window.

After it staggered around a while it made its way back to its point of entry and departed.

Sunset on Lake Dunmore last night taken by Kiwi P. It is so beautiful here.

Just after noon today, the Loonatic was loaded with the signs ready for departure. With Kiwi and Robin P’s help we got them quickly in place at the island. We saw no loons on a quick trip around the lake though. There were three seen at the north end yesterday and Sally saw the pair at Silver Lake as well as one at Goshen Dam.


Today in Goshen, I didn’t see any loons but I did see this hawk on the way out. I I have a guess but I’m waiting for confirmation before guessing wrong again.

I’m pretty sure this pose was caused by wind and is not a suggestion by the bird as to what I can do.

We finish with Ashley’s “favorite flower”, a purple jack-in-the-pulpit. Enjoy, Mike

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