Birds, fish, and flowers

Hi all,
Loon status up the hill is unchanged but 2 separate pairs and a single were seen here on Dunmore. We continue to hear one fly in early every morning, I wish I knew from where.
An eagle has been seen over the north end several times in the last several days. Maybe we have a nest nearby this year.
That hawk I sent out yesterday is a broad wing says Sue W. I never would have figured it out, so many hawks are so similar.
Our one and only bird picture is a picture of a painting of one of my pictures. How cool is that, and how beautiful it is. Thank you so much Barb N. for sending it in. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at it.

In the fish department, we have this handful caught off the dock yesterday morning by Karl H. down in South Cove. It went back in the lake to be caught again so get your poles out.

The next three are from Ashley who says the woods are full of color right now.




And we finish with one just sent in by Neil M. who didn’t even have to leave the yard. Thank you to all the photographers (and artists) for sending them in. Mike


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