Silver Lake nest

Hi all,
I got a report from Kir T. of the Birds of Vt. Museum that last weekend, boy scout troop 485 observed a nest right off camp site #3 up at Silver lake. One of the leaders got this shot and

Sally B, her daughter Anna, Kathy D., and Allon W. were able to get up there yesterday to check it out. Unfortunately, as you can see in the picture below, the nest was empty. Sally reports that the pair was out from the nest doing some on and off wailing, tremoloing and yodeling, generally not a good sign. Whether there were ever eggs there is something we will never know unless the scouts happened to see eggs while they were there. Kir, could you check with the campers again please and let me know if anyone happened to see the nest when no adult was on it. Thanks.

In any case, our crew went prepared with magical tape to ward off evil spirits and they put it up just in case the loons decide to try again in that spot. It certainly is early enough for a re-nest and hopefully the loons will smarten up and move to a location where evil spirits aren’t known to inhabit on a nightly basis for the entire summer. The caretakers have been advised and we’ll be back up there to check on them this week but reports from anyone who happens to pass through will be greatly appreciated.

On a non-loon note, Ashley got these two very Vermonty pictures on a ride down from Burlington. Thank you Ashley and all who participated in the Silver Lake effort. Rosie and I were away for a long weekend and will try to get out to check on our pair tomorrow. Mike

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