lake, loons, and owlets

Hi all,

First the lake report from LDFLA

UPDATE ON WATER USAGE! All clear for Potable Water use. Still restricted for use as irrigation.

The water in both lakes has been given a free and clear designation by the state for potable water use (for drinking and food preparation). Earlier today, the state shared with us the results of the water sampling tests conducted last Friday, June 17 and Monday, June 20 (after the application Wednesday, June 15). Sampling at all locations on both lakes were below 75 ppb (parts per billion) for triclopyr as of Monday, the level set by the state for safety for potable use for household purposes. (Currently, the state has a much more conservative restriction on the level of permissible triclopyr for irrigation usage. We will keep you informed as to when we meet the restriction for irrigation.)

Next, we’ve heard of a raft floating on the big lake over towards Rt 53. I’m trying to get more info and will pass it along if/when I hear something. If you know of someone losing one, let me know and I’ll go see if I can find it.

Now the Loons.

The loons here have not been seen exhibiting any courtship/re-nesting behavior so I plan to pull the signs tomorrow. If they then decide to nest, I’ll put them back out there again. If there is someone with a moderately strong back willing to help tomorrow, I’ll be happy to work around your schedule.
GOOD LOON NEWS. Sue W. found a loon nesting on the raft at Goshen Dam today. I’ll send pics when she gets them to me. In the meantime you can enjoy this rafting loon at Chittenden Res, also compliments of Sue.

We’ll finish with some owlet news that I should have sent a couple weeks ago when I got it. This is from Philip H. and was taken on Mountain View. I hope they are fully fledged by now and making their way across the cove to take care of some of the many chipmunks in our area. Mike

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