Moons, loons and fireworks

Hi all,
Our bear was last seen at 6:50 this morning just up from the corner of Lakeview and Hooker Rd. Seems late to me for a bear to be raiding porches and garages, maybe it developed some bad habits early on. In any case, it is past time to be securing bird feed and trash or you might get a visitor.
I’ve been told the fireworks here on the lake will happen at both ends on Sunday evening.

Here’s a Rosie picture of the strawberry moonrise a week or so ago.

From Sue W. we get this rose pogonia taken at a bog in Pittsford.

From me you get this picture of our raft at Goshen Dam and

the not so happy occupant as we put

a couple of signs about 50’ away to hopefully keep paddlers away. We’ll need some luck on this one since it can get busy up there on a nice weekend. A huge thanks to Allon W. for the canoe and muscle for this project.

Eric reports there are 2 chicks each on Chittenden, Kent, Ninevah and Spring Lake, and 1 on Woodward Pond. All are in our general area, We won’t know about Silver Lake or Goshen Dam for another 3 weeks or so because of the late nesting.

We finish with Kathy D’s eagle on the island taken last evening. Thanks to all for contributing. Mike

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