Several days

Hi all,
I forgot I had taken these several days ago. This is a piece to dock that is tied to shore at Branbury.

The dock looks a little tired but he owners might want that hardware on there. It’s tied near the Branbury/53 corner.

Here are a couple loons that surfaced about 30’ from our boat. Based on the uncomfortable posture of the closer one, I’d say they aren’t ours. We saw 3 swim in front of camp the next night, 2 tight together and 1 about 6 feet back. We’ve seen that formation almost every time we’ve seen the 3 together this year.

I got back up to Goshen for a quick stop today to put a sign at the access to explain the signs near the raft.

The 3 separate boaters/kayakers I talked to were all aware of a loon out there but unaware of the nest and totally unaware of the need to stay away. Other than someone being up there to talk to all the lake users, I think we’ve done the best we can.

I saved the best for last. Sally’s crime scene tape and loon nesting sign at Silver Lake are working their magic and the loon was sitting quietly on the nest. I didn’t see the mate during my short time there. That site was the only one with a tent on it and I am curious if that is part of the caretakers plan to help the cause. No one was at the site and the caretakers weren’t home either. That gives me a good excuse for another walk up there soon. Mike

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