Bears on the move

Hi folks,
2 bear incidents in our neighborhood last night. At 2:00 AM it went through the screen of a screen door and onto the porch. This is Hooker Rd. near Lakeview. The noise woke the residents who chased it away. The bear is a big one, estimated over 300 lbs. There was no food on the porch but it’s where they put their grill.

This one is on a deck in Mountain View. Folks should NOT, NOT, NOT have feeders out now, it’s asking for trouble and the only way to fix that trouble is unfortunately to kill the bear. This bear (or bears) is capable of coming right into someones kitchen so think about that when you go to bed tonight. Actually, think about it all the time because the bear in the top picture has been active during the daytime too. Mike


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One Response to Bears on the move

  1. J. Robinson says:

    Overflowing dumpsters would seem to be a huge enticement as well…

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