Eagles & loons & other good stuff

Hi all,
Did anyone get a picture of the “loon boat” in the boat parade on the 4th. I’ve heard about it from several folks but no pictures and so far no one who knows who it was. I’d love to pass a picture along, everyone says the boat was great.
We’ve hit a milestone here. This list was started with a note between Cath M. and I to keep track of who was watching our first loon chick 9 summers ago. We just got to our 300th address and I’m still wondering when earthlink is going to choke on the number and tell me I can’t do that anymore. So far so good though and I thank you all for your contributions and wonderful notes. Many, many of you tell me you regularly forward it on to family and friends too and I can’t imagine what the final distribution is.

Our resident eagle was sitting in the same place at 9:30 this morning it was last night.

Seeing it regularly is not quite as exciting to me as floating with the loons but I have to admit it is darn close. It is quick to strike a pose and slow to fly away so it gets bonus points for that.

I just got a note from Sally saying the Goshen loon is still good as of this morning, and I made it up to Silver Lake today to find that one still good too. Thank you GMP for the water management during the heavy rains, that nest below doesn’t have much room to spare. The camper at site 3 said I was the only one who has come poking around in the couple days he has been there. Good! Enjoy, Mike

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