Hi all, Next Saturday morning is statewide loon count. Volunteers all over the state try to get on all the lakes and ponds at the same time to try to get a fairly accurate number of the loons we have. John & Kathy will cover Silver Lake, Allon & Maryanne will paddle Goshen Dam, and John and Xu will look at Mud Pond for us. Is there someone on Fern Lake who would enjoy paddling it or is there someone with a good view of the length and breadth who needs an excuse to look out the window a number of times between 7:30 and 9:00 AM. We are interested in loons primarily of course but also any eagles, peregrines, or ospreys who may wander by if you recognize them. You don’t need to be an expert, just do the best you can. Please let me know if you are a Fern Laker who can participate or even a non-Fern Laker willing to go for a paddle on Fern that morning.
AND, we like to do Lake Dunmore with 3 boats with 2-3 observers on each boat. We could use another boat and could use 3-4 (5-6?) more sets of sharp eyes to ride along. We meet just outside South Cove at 7 and it takes us about an hour and a half to sweep up the lake in formation. So, do I have a boat willing to help us out? And, would you like to come along as an observer? Your own binoculars would be a bonus but we do have an extra pair or two for someone who needs them. Let me know asap and we’ll work out where to meet/get on, whatever. I do hope to hear from at least 3 of you.

No loon news from me today but Henry D. who covers 9 (I think) lakes and ponds in Southern Vt. reports 6 chicks hatched with 2 loon pairs still on the nest. He says it could be a record year for his area. Because ours are second nestings, I’m guessing the 25th plus or minus a couple days before we know the results of Silver Lake and Goshen Dam.

Kathy’s flower was a chicory, not hickory as my auto spell checker decided. The spell checker checker missed it on the re-read.
And because you were nice enough to read to the end, you get to see Sue W’s otter. It is in fact in Otter Creek and therefore not our potential egg stealer. Mike


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