Loon count for us

Hi all,
We had a good morning for counting loons although a little choppy for a while on Dunmore. I’ll was going to use choppy as the reason we didn’t see any loons here but I’ve got a better excuse. Allon and Marianne W. found the nesting pair plus 2 adults at Goshen Dam so I’m choosing to believe that they are ours up there visiting. John & Kathy D. found the pair at Silver Lake plus a great blue heron. Rusty K. & Mark E. found none on Fern, John & Xu K. had the same result at Mud Pond. Thanks also go out to Cathy M and Sue, Rosie, Harold and Jean S, Bill H, Mary B and Brenda B. as team Dunmore. Thank you to all. Next Loonwatch is the 3rd Saturday in July 2017, if you mark it on the calendar now you won’t put something there by mistake. Thanks again to all. Mike

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