Silver Lake today

Hi all,
The proof is in the pudding, not great shots but good enough to know that are fine on day two. They were floating just off campsite #5.

The mate came from across the lake to deliver a tiny meal and then headed right back across.

Not much freeboard on the side of the nest, a couple inch water rise and a little wave action would have ended it all. A big thanks to Matt E. and the GMP crew for holding the level tight for the loons again this year. With the loons at Goshen Dam on the raft, the tides can rise and fall as much as they want to now.

I can see why the loons didn’t change location after the first nest failed, there is a ton of work in that nest. The loons on Dunmore sit on bare ground.

Back on Lake Dunmore we have a great picture sent in My Martha W. She says it was taken near the island by friend Wayne. Enjoy, Mike


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