WOOHOO again

Hi all,
I spent almost an hour in the woods today off Goshen Dam watching the pair act like they may have had a chick be seeing nothing. The shot below was the giveaway as the mate came from quite a ways out to try to feed a tiny fish to the back end of the loon floating near the nesting raft. It didn’t draw a chick out but I just kept shooting and hoping.

I never did see the chick through the binos but when I blew up the picture below

I could clearly see the little head peeking out. There had been 8 canoes floating out there for a couple hours so maybe that accounts for the shyness. There were 2 eggs in the nest so there may be another chick hiding under there, I hope so.
Hopefully one of my kayak owning friends can get out and take a hard look at the nest soon and see if there is a clue there. We need to get those signs too and eventually drag the raft up on shore to keep it from getting waterlogged. Raft can wait but signs need to come out asap.

Another giveaway was the mates reaction to a kayaker coming a little too close. Even with the loss of the nest here on Dunmore, this has turned into a pretty good year. Mike

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