Loon fix

Hi all,
Because of the lack of a chick here on Lake Dunmore, we haven’t had nearly as many loon pictures as previous years. We still have loons but finding them has been luck. Kathy D. got lucky yesterday and got some shots of 3 of them doing a little posturing. There is no way for us to know if some are our pair protecting the property or if they are all strangers trying to establish dominance for next spring. I haven’t been able to see more than one at a time lately but we do hear 1 or 2 flying in every morning. Louise S. reported the big one in North Cove yesterday morning and I saw it mid afternoon just south of the island. It is not at all shy around boats so I’m guessing that maybe it grew up around them and that could make it one of our chicks come home if we want to dream.
Sally B. checked Silver Lake and Goshen Dam and reports all well there. Mike




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One Response to Loon fix

  1. Sheila Conroy says:

    Come out to the wide section of the lake and you will have lots of sightings and sounds👏


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