No loon pictures but

Hi all,
No new loon pictures but they sure have been active the last few days here on Lake Dunmore. It actually sounds more like spring than fall with frequent wailing both day and night for some reason. Several folks have reported seeing and hearing them fly in early in the morning and a couple of singles and a pair are regularly reported around the lake. The families at Silver Lake and Goshen Dam are reportedly doing fine also. Sightings of the mature eagle are still coming in as well as that of an occasional osprey. Plenty of activity for the big bird lovers around the lake for sure.

John E. found a small dagger board, maybe from a sunfish or sailfish, so if you know someone who can only sail downwind at the moment, send a note.

We spent a great evening floating down the middle of the lake last week. I think we ended up with 8 boats, 32 people, and enough food for about 50. We’ll probably do it once or twice more this season so if you’d like to join us just let me know and I’ll add you to the notification list. It’s an open gathering and the more the merrier. We tie non-pontoon boats to follow off the trailing end and if you have no boat, we can usually arrange a ride.

Last but not least is the sunrise yesterday morning. How fortunate we are… Mike

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