Lake level update and a loon

Hi all,
GMP is starting a slow drawdown of the lake today with a target of 5” down by the end of the week. I’ll update you if any changes.
For those new to the lake, this drop will not affect your ability to safely get out of the access. You should not go straight into the cut though because of the ledge just outside that is now marked. If you come southbound by the dock with the sailboats and make a right turn into the center of the access it’s deep enough for anyone who doesn’t have an unusually deep draft.
Sally was up at Goshen a couple days ago and reports the chick still there though it was alone. That is normal for this time of year. The remaining adult could have been here or somewhere else close by, or it could be gone. The chicks don’t leave for another 6-8 weeks. One year we had 2 chicks here until the second week of December. If anyone gets up to Silver Lake, I’d appreciate a report from there. Mike

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One Response to Lake level update and a loon

  1. John says:

    Hi, I am new to the lake. Took my 17′ Larson with I/O out on Saturday with the engine 1/2 trimmed and still clipped a couple of rocks right in the cut through. Only small paint damage but next time 3/4 trimmed. Has there been any discussion regarding dredging this outlet?

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