Never again

Hi all,
Loon news is that we might still have a couple or more here on Dunmore as of a couple days ago. Sue W. saw 2 and one other person saw what they described as possibly a couple of this year’s chicks.

Late into fall, the boat came out a few days ago, and yet the view from the deck is still as colorful as one could ask for. This is a Rosie shot taken yesterday.

I was going to hold the unveiling until spring but just couldn’t do it. Usually a “never again” refers to something unpleasant but in this case it refers to never again will we be skunked when we head out to find a loon. Thanks to Warren’s craftsmanship and the generosity of Warren and Vicki Rinehart we have a new (as yet un-named) mascot on the boat. The view from the captain’s chair below is just too wonderful for me to express and I am so thankful for their generosity. With “Loonatic” on the side of the boat and the mascot on the front, I should also never again hear “are you the loon guy”. Anyone who says that now just isn’t paying attention.

What nicer thing could someone do for a loon nut, it’s just beautiful. Thanks again Warren and Vicki. Mike

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One Response to Never again

  1. Sheila Conroy says:

    They were out in front of my camp on Tuesday. Sheila


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