Winter is here

Hi all,
Below is the ice along the shore in front of our place on Friday morning and it had about doubled by yesterday morning.

The cove across the lake has been frozen for 4-5 days but anywhere there was wind had remained open.

Late yesterday afternoon, Kathy D. walked the dogs and got a shot of the ice quickly starting to form between the shore and the island after the light wind finally died. If you have sharp eyes, you can see something in the top of the dead tree on the island.

I took this shot from our living room window about the same time.

This morning, we are frozen shore to shore with just a dusting of snow to make it easy to see. I plan to get up to or beyond the island tomorrow to see where the northern edge is though the 1”-4” of snow forecast for tonight may keep me busy for a short while before I get out of here.

I swung into the parking area at Fern Lake early this afternoon to see it also frozen across.

A little closer look at that dead tree in Kathy’s first picture shows a couple mature eagles sitting there. Whether it’s a couple passing through or one joined with our regular is unknown but exciting to see in any case. Thank you Kathy.

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