Happy Boxing Day British friends

Hi all,
We had a busy but great day yesterday, a good night’s sleep, and this is how our morning started.

In this picture, you can see we now have two shanties out there. The first came Saturday and the second late yesterday. No one fishing yet but I guess they wanted to get their spots.

It wasn’t just the skim of ice on the north end yesterday morning that couldn’t withstand the north winds. These pictures from Kathy D. yesterday show some of the thicker stuff between the island and Sucker Brook

piled up on the north facing shore.

Mother Nature is tenacious though and Bill P. sends this shot today of it thinly covered again this morning. It stayed below freezing here until late this afternoon but then the south wind came in with a little freezing rain and now the temperature is 33 and predicted to stay up through tomorrow. We’ll try to keep you updated on the status, the fishing derby is on some people’s mind.

Thanks to Caroline B, we can see Silver Lake has only a little open water just where it runs in. She says she, faithful four legged companion Sylvie, and a few chickadees were the only thing moving up there. Mike

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2 Responses to Happy Boxing Day British friends

  1. Hola, he finiquitado de ojear tú escrito y me a parecido muy
    encantador tu aporte. A partir de hoy voy a atesorar todos tus observaciones y
    los probaré seguir en el futuro. Te doy la congratulación por tu página.

  2. hi!
    Me parece muy lograda tu convencimiento sobre este argumento.
    Desde hace cierto tiempo no paro de pensar en esto e intento buscar
    toda la información que puedo sobre este tema.
    La intervención que has argumentado me ha parecido buenísima, no obstante creo que se
    podría escavar un tanto más y de esta manera poder aclarar varias dudas que todavía atesoro.
    De todas maneras, mil gracias por tu coperación. Estaré
    observador a parecidas manifestaciones que realices.
    Muchas gracias.
    Hasta otra.

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