Week # 2

Hi all,
We are well into the second week of the new year and winter quietness prevails. Since this list started with loons, here’s a welcome update from VCE.

The 33rd Annual Vermont LoonWatch Sets Records

Citizen scientists have joined us on the third Saturday in July every year since 1983 to help census Common Loons across the State. LoonWatch is the single most effective way for us to get an annual snapshot of the locations and numbers of Common Loons. In 1983 volunteers counted a mere 30 adults. This past summer, volunteers visited 153 lakes and recorded 301 adults and 74 chicks. Over 70% of surveyed lakes were occupied by loons. Thank you to everyone for all your help. Learn more about the Vermont Loon Conservation Project and consider volunteering next year to help keep Vermont’s loons yodeling for future generations to listen in wonder.

Locally, Tom O. has had a couple of regular visitors to his feeder. The consensus is that he has a sharp shinned adult and

an immature coopers hawk.

We had a beautiful start to today. The color stayed full for a long time, great to just sit and stare at.

I’m expecting some pictures from from Kathy D. too. She was nice enough to call when it started to make sure we were up to enjoy it. At least I think that’s why she called, the call came from her cell and I only got an occasional syllable but I’m fairly confident this was the reason.

It has been below freezing for several days and

the north end of the lake is solid across. Ice boaters and skaters would love it if it stayed this smooth and just got thicker. Lets hope it got thick enough to withstand the next couple days in the 40’s with some rain. Sorry skiers. Mike

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