January thaw, and eagles

Hi all,
At least one eagle is still in the area. I think it might be giving the folks at the fish hatchery fits since I saw it just down the road from there. With the lake frozen over, that’s where the next closest fish are. The statewide mid winter eagle count is on until the 18th so if you see any, or have seen any since the 4th, please send the report to Margaret Fowle mfowle. She is looking for date, time, location, number, adult or immature, and any interesting behavior.

The first three pictures today come from Sandy C. and were taken on her hike up to Silver Lake a couple days ago. This was after the rain and during a 40 something degree spell we had. I really do need to learn how to use the panorama function on my cameras, this is just great.

On her way down, she gives us this and

this look at the equally wet Lake Dunmore. It’s just surface water though and

Rosie’s sunrise shots show us all frozen again.

The look across this afternoon shows smooth ice, where are the skaters and/or iceboats?

Fishermen were out yesterday splashing through the puddles but nary a soul today in our view. With the plummeting temperatures late afternoon and this evening, the groaning of the expanding ice is pretty steady again. We sleep with a window cracked and it’s just amazing. Mike

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